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  • Instructions

    In order to join the Omnifora Network (which includes Omnifora, Edufora, Brewfora, Lawfora, and W3Docs), you must complete this form. Most fields are not optional.
    Processing this form costs $1. This charge is (rather obviously) not to cover our costs in processing new user accounts or in maintaining the Omnifora Network and its sites. Rather, the $1 charge is used to verify users and to ensure that fake/troll accounts are kept to a minimum.
    We take the Omnifora Network seriously and expect our users to do the same.
    If you absolutely cannot pay the $1 processing fee, please contact us to discuss alternative methods of verification.
    Your personal details will never be shared outside of Zyniker Organization (the parent company of the Omnifora Network). We do not sell information to third parties, and we do not give information to the Government unless ordered to do so by a valid court order in the US. It is our policy to fight court orders that we feel to be invalid.
    All transactions are processed by Stripe, a trusted payment processor.
  • Personal Information

  • This information is not publicly displayed. If you would like to have your real name displayed, you may set it later in your profile.
  • Account Information

  • Pick your username. This cannot be changed after creation.
    Usernames must comply with the following:
    1. Include only alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).
    2. Accented characters are not allowed.
    3. Length must be between six and twenty characters.
    4. No obscenity of any kind.

    The Omnifora Network reserves the right to reject any username selected on this form. Once approves, a username may be later rejected if it is found to violate any of the rules of the Omnifora Network.
    These are optional and are merely used as references when setting up your account.
  • Account Verification and Payment

    If you would like to join a donor club, please do so here.
    This section is entirely optional.
  • American Express
  • Price: $1.00
    This is required. If you absolutely cannot pay this fee, please contact us.
  • $0.00

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